The World Tree

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« Dammit Lara ! I told you to not try to find me ! »
Communication was bad, a lot of crackling and in the back there was the sound of an helicopter whose blades raged, and some men who speak a foreign language.
Lara: « Uncle David, is it really you ? where are you ?
are you hurted ? I’m coming ! »

The voice: « No save yourself ! They will kill you ! You can’t help me… »
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Mademoiselle - ArbreduMonde01
I knew that uncle David was on the island, this was the first time since few months that i was hearing his voice, i was sure it was him. The helicopter should be in the other side.
Mademoiselle - ArbreduMonde02
I have never been so close to find him. I could not let him be tortured, and allow them to discover the tree.
Mademoiselle - ArbreduMonde03
4 months ago …

That was several weeks I led my study on the first tree, nordic people called it Yggdrasil. Uncle David had discovered during one of his research a very old book that could help me, his help was invaluable. With his botanist talents and insatiable curiosity, we formed the perfect team.
But after several unanswered emails, i make him a visit. Unfortunately I was not the only one to visit him that day. The office had been ransacked, I still could smell smoke probably used during the assault.
Mademoiselle - ArbreduMonde04
Luckily, the room at the desktop background had not been searched. Everything was intact, and among the books and dried plants were the old book and two keys.
Mademoiselle - ArbreduMonde05
Uncle David was gone, and he left me this message.
Mademoiselle - ArbreduMonde07
To be continued …
Location (jungle) : Skye Glas
Music : Doom Upon all the World
Mud : Ama – mud spaller – 149L$
Lipstick : Mad’ – cut lips – 20L$ NEW
Face : Lelutka – simone – 2500L$ NEW
Hair : Lelutka – brittany – swish – 350L$
Gloves : Clemmm – bandaged – 173L$
Vest : Addams – revival military – brown – 199L$ NEW
Shirt : Addams – ana tank top – black – 199L$ NEW
Pants : Ducknipple – garde – 195L$
Shoes : Deadwool – ulrich – brown – 450L$ NEW
Necklace : Aitui – birds remains – natural – 199l$
Bag : Deadwool – thoreau backpack – lacustrine sand
Book : Ionic – ancient – mysteries
Keys : Keke – skull