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The sheriff looked tense, a cigarette in his mouth, a bored face. He is talking to a journalist who came to write a paper on the incidents in the last few days at White Oak.


I‘ve never seen kids in such a state. You know here, it’s a small town, everyone knows everyone, nothing happens. So when they tumbled that night to the police station, it was a real hysteria.
It would have happened on the path along the military base, normally no one borrows it, the path is not lit, but we know that sometimes, young people go through to reach the town.
There were five in the car, you know the young of the center, Brian, Bridget, Laurine, Patty and Eve. They are nice kids, i know their parents, they are good people.

Mademoiselle - them-

In short, the kid was driving and the girls spotted strange lights in the sky, they stopped to watch. They went out of the vehicle they were witnesses, according to about an « alien abduction« . They saw at several meters off the ground that a person was sucking into three shiny balls. The boy said he recognized his neighbor Lala, it’s a pseudonym, he does not know her first name.
Yes I know it’s a fantastic story, we still took their deposition, but we will not do a report. There were no reports of disappearance, the weather was clear, the military officials said that they tested air balloons. We just noticed a power surge problem in the area. Nothing more.
You know there’s nothing happening here, but sometimes young people like to be scared. Nothing to write an article.

Mademoiselle - them

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